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Posted By: robomatic
09-Jan-21 - 09:54 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
I have been very reticent about using the 'other' N word. For one thing, I think there IS a distinction to be made between the @zis of the 30s and 40s and the 'wanna-bes' of today. The majority of them in the far-right websites in America have no real idea of what the real ones were like. Take a look at "Garden of Beasts" for a mild reminder. And use of the term in this thread is more likely to remind us of a bad Seinfeld episode than to make a valid point about Trmp supporters.

For another thing, this ain't over. There ARE folks in the wings who do strive to be like the original. I've schlepped through D. Duke's "My Awakening" and it appeared to me to be long, repetitive, (unconvincing), but a genuine attempt to parallel "Mein Kampf" in an American environment.

And these people are distinct from Trmp and his kind. Indeed, Trmp overcame a great gulf since he has supposed Jewish in-laws and grandchildren. I think what may very well happen is that in the fallout from his failures, he will simply be re-labeled as a Jew himself.

Trmp has severe personality flaws and is despicable besides. And his great 'contribution' by which I mean damage is that he has been a diverter from what is really worth concentrating on in our national life. I don't think that is planned, just among the results of the effects of TMI on the world due to the nature of the data spigot of the social network combined with cult of celebrity. A sad revelation but we are subject to influences we have not learned to control.