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Posted By: DMcG
10-Jan-21 - 03:47 AM
Thread Name: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
[Being called N@zi] While they may well justifiably be applied to a few ringleaders, they may not justifiably be applied to millions of people who are simply misguided Trump supporters

The snag is, that was true in the 1930s as well. I have recently read "They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933–45' which is largely based on interviews with 'ordinary' Germans, not military officers. Many could also be classed as 'simply misguided.'

However, I don't it too helpful to dwell on analogies from the past here: there are similarities and differences.

On the impeachment question: I think it important to consider the 2022 Senate elections as well. There are 20 Republican senators up for re-election, as well as 14 Democrat. By framing the impeachment as about the protecting the Constitution or Trump, it goes a long way towards forcing those 20 to declare themselves for the Constitution or for Trump, and either risks splitting their support, so helps the Democrats. Of course, these are politicians so avoiding such traps is something they are all experienced in. Nevertheless, the trap awaits.