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Posted By: Nick
11-Jan-21 - 09:17 AM
Thread Name: Lady Keith's Lament guitar part help?
Subject: RE: Lady Keith's Lament guitar part help?
First thought on listening was is this being played on a guitar? It sounded to me like it was reminiscent of something played on a bouzouki/octave mandola type of thing. It has a sound of a double stringed instrument of that sort of family. And there does seem to be an absence of the lower notes associated with the bottom two strings of a guitar. It does have the sound of a 4/8 string instrument. In which case it could be tuned any number of ways

I might be completely wrong of course and it may be a guitar (or even a twelve string...)

But I reckon you can play something similarish in normal tuning without a capo if you wanted to. Or make your own arrangement with a nod to this one rather than a transcription?