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Posted By: GUEST,John
01-Mar-01 - 10:15 AM
Thread Name: Thro' the Recent Years (A Fisher/B Dickson)
Subject: RE: info req on Archie Fisher/B.Dickson disc
Any additional posting of the liner notes would be very welcome. I appreciate what has been posted so far. My cousin's husband Hugh pulled out the Archie Fisher albums which he owned, when I was in Scotland last spring. I hadn't seen "Orfeo" before, and wouldn't you know there was no record player, so with that one I'll have to wait for CD or Cassette to appear. Hugh had "Off the Map", and "Sunsets I've Galloped Into", which I was able to procure from Garnet Rogers' mother(executive producer of those albums) once I got back to Canada. I've really gotten stuck on Archie's singing and guitar arrangements, and learned the open"G" and open"D" tunings in order to play his stuff the way he does it. Its about time I got into somebody else's stuff. I played a Scottish night in Brantford, Ontario a year ago with a set of about seven songs. One fellow came up to me after, and said,"Ah thought ye were gonnae' do that whole record!" He was referring to Archie's"Will Ye Gang Love" album. I've been a bit self-conscious about it since!