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Posted By: leeneia
13-Jan-21 - 12:40 AM
Thread Name: Lady Keith's Lament guitar part help?
Subject: RE: Lady Keith's Lament guitar part help?
That's a lovely melody. Helen, thanks for mentioning "When the King Comes Over the Water." I found sticks & dots for that in a book called Jacobite Relics of Scotland, and I've written the tune down. I think it will be beautiful on recorder and dulcimer.

I can tell you guitarists that the singer from Jock Thompson's Bairns is singing it in some form of F. At first you think it's C/Am, but then you ask yourself if it might not be F. How do you tell? You see if the B's are indeed B's or if they are B-flats. Unfortunately the song has not one B or B-flat in it. So you can't really say from the melody whether it's in the C family or the F family. I've been trying various chords, and I think it's in the F family. That agrees with johnmc's statement that "The opening chords seem to me to be F, C Gm Am Dm."

I think that soft mystery chord in the intro is a 9th chord. Figure out what the chord is, identify the tonic, add one whole note to the tonic at the top and add that to the mixture. For example, Gm9 is G B-flat D A

I don't think the tune was meant to be as mournful as the lyrics make out.