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Posted By: Naemanson
01-Mar-01 - 11:17 AM
Thread Name: HOW do you write your songs?
Subject: RE: BS: HOW do you write your songs?
folk1234, I suddenly found I had a life worthy of a blues tune last year. Trust me on this, it ain't worth it.

Bartholomew, I don't want to get into differentiating between writing "great" songs and "just" songs. To me a great song would be one where I actually manged to get a whole song written. But don't let me stop the thread from wandering off in that direction.

Black Wlanut, your description of writing a song while up to your knees in a lake is a perfect example of what I am looking for. You say you went back to the car and wrote it down. WHAT did you write on that napkin? Did you have words and melody? Did you jot down the verses and then draw a music staff and jot down a bunch of dots and lines? How do you keep a melody in your head and how do you record it so you can remember it while you work on the song? I don't have any trouble remembering a melody for a song when I have words to associate with it. Anybody want to tackle this part of the thread?