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14-Jan-21 - 07:44 PM
Thread Name: Stinson Records Revisted
Subject: RE: Stinson Records Revisted
Matthew Barton describes Noel Meadow as “...the kind of person who may have brought different people together in the Stinson story...” One of those people is song plugger-concessionaire Herbert Harris. At last!

From above:
“Typical dealer-handling of the Russ music trade is exhibited by music shop in Stanley Theater here.... Sixty-five per cent of the trade comes from patrons of the Stanley Theater, which first-runs Soviet and foreign films. Interest is perked by a 90-second trailer, which runs to the accompaniment of a Russian record, changed weekly, also by ad space in the theater's program sheets and also by announcements to outgoing patrons from theater's doorman.”

Barton says Herbert Harris ran the concession at the Stanley Theatre on 7th Ave. Moses Asch biographer Peter Goldsmith has him as “...a party member who ran a movie house on Forty-sixth Street that played Soviet films.” Possibly the Miami Playhouse, another local Artkino venue and Stinson retail outlet.

Everybody skips Harris' bio, so I will too except to point out – it's a decade or so since Irving Prosky joined the firm and Herbert Harris is third man in after Noel Meadow.

The soundtrack albums are a step up in production value from the bootleg singles but Stinson Trading Co. is still a distributor, not a record label. America is in the war and they still have not earned a shellac ration.