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Posted By: Bill D
15-Jan-21 - 04:27 PM
Thread Name: Sea Chanteys All Over The News [TikTok]
Subject: RE: Sea Chanteys All Over The News [TikTok]
I'm a great fan of knowing history and 'original' lyrics... when such things are possible to ascertain. There are songs... including shanties/chanties... that we can come pretty close to the originals. Some things by Burns have entered the realm of folk/trad, but some things just appeared in various eras and probably had several versions before collectors ever encountered them... including F.J. Child, Stan Hugill and Joanna Colcord etc.

   It IS possible to distinguish between items and versions which are really folk/trad (i.e. were popularized before recordings made them well-known) and songs and versions which owe their fame to 78s, LPs and CDs since 1927 or so. I do appreciate it when that difference is noted, but it's useless to waste much time making it an issue unless someone actually asks and cares. The recent noise about "The Wellerman" is one opportunity to make a few inroads.