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Posted By: Steve Shaw
17-Jan-21 - 06:12 AM
Thread Name: Sandman and Discussion of Dylan Songs
Subject: RE: Sandman and Discussion of Dylan Songs
Permit me to argue from gleeful pig ignorance. I've only ever liked two or three Dylan songs and have probably sat through about six others, sung by him, end to end. There are a few that others sang that I knew were written by him and very likely some more that I didn't know were by him. That has all made me decide that I thoroughly don't like him much (and I know Joe doesn't agree, but I think that what he did with that Nic Jones arrangement that he failed to acknowledge was just diabolical). The trouble is that down the decades I've failed to "judge" his songs mainly because I can't stand the bugger's voice in any of its manifestations (and, speaking as a harmonica player myself, don't get me started on that ghastly aspect of his stuff). That has all demotivated me from seeking out his songs for closer perusal. Thing is, inane or deliberately obscurantist lyrics, his apparent modus operandi, do not necessarily a bad song make. To sum up, if you love him you love him and if you hate him you hate him. The in-between state is one of "I can't be arsed with that whiny songster, and I'll give you a good squabble if you try to tell me that he's some sort of visionary poet*, but all power to your elbow if you disagree". That's where I am. I think.

*Even Bob doesn't think that. I'm just off to listen to my Woody collection. Now that bloke really DID know how to make up a song...