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Posted By: GUEST,Nick Dow
17-Jan-21 - 06:28 AM
Thread Name: Sandman and Discussion of Dylan Songs
Subject: RE: Sandman and Discussion of Dylan Songs
When I first heard Blowin' in the wind sung by Dylan, I was completely blown away. I played it over and over again. I still say there is nobody who can do that song justice other than the man himself. The simple trick of using the subdominant chord in the penultimate line (Sorry! take another listen if you have time) makes the song for me.
I had a long chat with Martin Carthy about Dylan in the early days. Martin described him as a blotting pad for tunes songs and ideas. So what went wrong then? Nothing at all? Some people might say money, and the mainstream music business, demanding commercially viable songs? If I know Dick this is the subtext of this thread.
How do we evaluate success? Money and sales, artistic achievement?
Good lyrics strong tunes?
Dylan recorded 'Canadee-I-o'. I think it was awful. Had Nic Jones recorded that song unaccompanied, would anybody have taken any notice? Some might say it's a piece of guitar playing with a song attached.
So in the case of Dylan how many people buy his 'sound' rather than the songs and lyrics?
I don't mean to hijack the thread or any disrespect to Dick (Far from it) but I think it is worth some thought.