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Posted By: Donuel
17-Jan-21 - 11:30 AM
Thread Name: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
Kevin it may sound unintuitive to you at first but there is a real phenomenon in which 'the bigger the lie - the more believable'.
This realization came to light here during the Nixon administration.
The BIG lie has a lifetime but is quite robust. People react to the big lie in a rationalization that something so outrageous has to be true because no one would make up something that bizzare.
Combine this with a truth like racism and you have a powerful hybrid lie. Yes you may see this phenomenon at work in your own country.

pfr if you hate the 'US' that much so be it. If you are only expressing shaudenfreude you might be 'happiier than a pig in shit'.