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Posted By: leeneia
17-Jan-21 - 04:23 PM
Thread Name: Midi file morning glory , j & b purify
Subject: RE: Midi file morning glory , j & b purify
I found the recording on YouTube:

but it's a copyrighted work, so I'm not putting it on my computer.

I can tell you that it's in the key of A, so the chords of A, E, D, and their 7ths are good bets. When it gets wistful, try an F#m. Time seems to be 4/4.

The first four notes are quarter notes, C# A C# A. That ought to get you started.

Funny thing about this song: it seems to hate the note G#. I quickly heard that C's and F's were sharp, and after that I needed to hear a G or G# to tell if it's in A or D. I finally heard one (G#) in a little swoop of the brass part in the accompaniment. Is that diagnostic? I'm not sure. The whole song could be in D. That changes your likely chords to D, G and A. Em for a change of mood.