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Posted By: Helen
17-Jan-21 - 06:40 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
Thanks Bill D. My comments about re-working the electoral system were more about the electoral college system.

One person, one vote is the system in Australia and it seems to work well. Also, not having a presidential system means that a disproportionate amount of power does not rest on one person. It is spread across the whole political party which won the election, or in some cases, if there were a couple or a few political parties which won a lot of votes, there has to be negotiation between the parties in power. Donations to political parties is very heavily regulated and the big political rallies are not as over the top as the U.S. events. We also have some big media/broadcasting organisations which pride themselves on balanced, evidence-based reporting. We do still have the nut-job media and personalities, but that is usually balanced out by the more rational broadcasting and news organisations.

Most of the time we don't have a lot of political bickering and name calling, although we do have our moments.