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Posted By: Backwoodsman
20-Jan-21 - 11:58 AM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit & other UK political topics
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit & other UK political topics
Well there you go, Steve, twisting words again. The old Jim Carroll tactic - when you have no answer, twist and re-interpret the words of your opponent to make them mean what you want them to mean, and then argue against your own interpretation. I really thought you were a better man than that. Shameful.

So, to respond to your interpretation of what I’ve actually been advocating...

1. Most importantly - I’m not a Member of the Labour Party, nor am I a ‘disaffected right-winger’. I would describe myself as being of the centre-left.

2. I didn’t do anything to ‘finally get rid of him’, nor to ‘get my own man in. In view of (1), how could I?

3) Despite my own feelings that he was not a good Leader, but because he was the democratically-elected Leader, I supported Corbyn throughout his Leadership, spoke up for him and defended him against those who did ‘everything necessary to make sure we lose an election, in concert with the Tories and their media’. It was my stated belief during that time too that there should be an end to division and a move to unity in the party in order to return a desperately-needed Labour government. I voted Labour in each GE during Corbyn’s reign. A check of my posts on this forum during the time of the election will confirm.

4) I don’t believe that the current incumbent is a great leader, but he is the democratically-elected Leader and, exactly as I did during Corbyn’s time as Leader, I will support The Labour Party on the basis that the Party is bigger than any individual or group of individuals, and that removing the worst Tory government in my lifetime is far more important than fighting internal wars. And no matter who the next Leader might be, I will continue with that principle. Party First and Foremost.

5. I really couldn’t care less about your internal, eternal, puerile battles of ideology - fighting your own party won’t get rid of the ideology of Conservatism, only a united Labour Party, working for the good of those who need it the most, will do that.

Now have fun twisting that lot.