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Posted By: Steve Shaw
20-Jan-21 - 01:13 PM
Thread Name: BS: Brexit & other UK political topics
Subject: RE: BS: Brexit & other UK political topics
It's you twisting, or not reading properly, John. The whole of the main paragraph in the post that's got your gander up is directed at members of the Labour Party (do check that out - it's pretty explicit in the post). As you are not one, I fail to see why you appear to take what I said personally. It doesn't apply to you. But you have expressed anti-Corbyn sentiments on a number of occasions. I don't agree with that, I gave my reasons and I told you about what I think could be a good read. By the way, my use of the term "right-wingers" with reference to people in the Labour Party who jumped on the anti-Corbyn bandwagon is relative, something else I made clear in the post.

Dave, I decided not to leave the party, though many of us lefties have done so. It was a close call. I find it pretty distressing to see how things are currently going. Keir Starmer is going to be easy meat for the Tories when the chips are down at the next election, and the sheer absolute blunder of his trying to sideline Corbyn over that cobbled-together antisemitism report will come back to bite him on the arse. My God, does he know how to do the splits.