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Posted By: Bill D
20-Jan-21 - 08:41 PM
Thread Name: BS: Let 46 be your lucky number, yanks!
Subject: RE: BS: Let 46 be your lucky number, yanks!
We (all the We's I know, anyway) are somewhere between giddy and exhausted. SRS said it just fine.
   I keep switching TV channels looking for more stuff to make it all seem more real... but Biden's new press secretary made it pretty real by holding a genuine press briefing, just like the 'old' days.

Biden himself remotely swore in many many... they say thousands... of lower level appointments that did not require confirmation. Stuff is happening NOW!

Finally, as I type, they are have the promised concert. I may browse it, but I don't usually care for many of the acts, so it may be time for a long, relaxed night's sleep...
I suppose many in the UK will have had more to say before I wake and move about...
On we go!