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Posted By: Steve Shaw
20-Jan-21 - 08:49 PM
Thread Name: Federal, State & local prosecution of Donald Trump
Subject: RE: Federal, State & local prosecution of Donald Trump
Well though I don't agree with the restriction imposed on us Brits (not our gig, but hey), I feel that the Americans on Mudcat should be allowed a bit of slack for a short time. Decent Americans have been traumatised for the last four years, and especially for the last two weeks. I sense a massive feeling of emotional release here and I think we should just let that go for a bit. Dammit, I would have hated to have lived under Trump for the last four years. I know personally one person in the US (not a Mudcatter) who has lived in fear of her life because of her anti-Trump sentiment, which she has dared not express out loud. What a bunch of shit that is in a democracy, eh? We can take up the cudgels in a week or two, but let it ride for now, I reckon.