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Posted By: robomatic
21-Jan-21 - 10:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: Let 46 be your lucky number, yanks!
Subject: RE: BS: Let 46 be your lucky number, yanks!
Yeah, I don't like associating something like a President or a term to a 'lucky' number. That means we countenance unluck among the succeeding numbers purely in accounting for the order of our political leaders? Asking for trouble with no upside.

In my opinion it is unlucky to work in a building with floors that go from 12 to 14 with no 13. Means you are working in a building associated with superstitious people. Perhaps they knocked on wood while reviewing the plans. Maybe they think it was built with 'lucky' concrete.

Not a happy mix.

If Biden is the guy I hope, he will make the number lucky for us, not the other way round.