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Posted By: Steve Shaw
23-Jan-21 - 06:23 PM
Thread Name: Federal, State & local prosecution of Donald Trump
Subject: RE: Federal, State & local prosecution of Donald Trump
The Senate trial is in grave danger of not convicting him, let alone preventing him from standing again. I want to be wrong about that. If I'm right, there are still options. The worst would be to turn him into a martyr by giving him a protracted show trial. Just consider that there is no charge you could bring that wouldn't be riddled with ifs and buts for his lawyers to jump on. Or you could try to ignore him, sideline him, generally forget him as he wallows in his Florida retreat. From what I'm reading here (always acknowledging that we are a microcosm here on Mudcat), a lot of Americans want retribution, thoroughly understandable. I think that you should maybe resist that impulse. I don't live in America and I don't know American gut sentiment. Just saying what I think. Lastly, the Republican party should work their arses off to find a really good contender for 2024. Just make sure that he or she is a good democrat (small d there) first.