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Posted By: keberoxu
26-Jan-21 - 02:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Cicadas - they're heeeeere!
Subject: RE: BS: Cicadas - they're heeeeere!
The maps at this site
used to be on a site with a different name I believe.
Now it's part of a university website, for the US.

Worth comparing this more specific Brood X map with
the little map in the Newsweek article.

I note that periodic sightings of Brood X
are thick, right on top of the Mason-Dixon line
that used to separate Confederacy from Grand Old Republic
in the War Between the States, by whatever name you call it.

Also that once as far south as Tennessee or North Carolina,
the sightings are in the Appalachian Mountains
and well away from the coast/shoreline.

But look at the Atlantic shoreline further north:
the DelMarVa peninsula,
much of New Jersey,
and Long Island
can anticipate Brood X cicadas.

And what gives with
southern Indiana??