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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
29-Jan-21 - 11:02 AM
Thread Name: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
Steve mentioned that on a different thread, Don. Several flippant responses have been deleted. (It is a "thing," Steve had it. Look it up.)

From CNN today:

Nine days after newly sworn-in President Joe Biden told America that "every disagreement doesn't have to be a cause for total war," recriminations between the parties and the Republican meltdown are consuming Congress.

It's now clear that the January 6 mob attack on Capitol Hill, while failing in its bid to reverse Trump's election loss, has utterly fractured the basic level of trust needed to make a political system function — at a critical national moment.

In the quarter century of bitter political battles since former speaker Newt Gingrich's Republican revolution, Washington has never been this inflamed.

At times on Thursday, it appeared that the whole of Congress was fixated on its own civil wars, cut off from behind its high iron fence from the reality of America's darkest modern winter.

I was listening to a discussion yesterday about the way the GOP has, over the years, accepted more conservative racist elements that have completely altered the face of the party that was once simply fiscally conservative. When Johnson (who himself was a racist) went with the Civil Rights movement, many Southern Democrats bailed on the party and joined the GOP; when Reagan ran and invited in the "Moral Majority" group, they made a huge impact on the direction of the party. And then there was the Tea Party gang that hopped on, and now that Trump has emptied the Q loony bin into the GOP the party is a Juggernaut that is aiming at completely altering the face of America.