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Posted By: GUEST,Louise Burbidge
31-Jan-21 - 10:11 AM
Thread Name: Songs and poems about HMS Hood-sank 24 May 1941
Subject: RE: Songs and poems about HMS Hood
My husband, Alan Burbidge [1945-2001] wrote the following song, published by Tom Brown at Daylight Press in 2003 -

While shells the Flanders trenches flayed,
In John Brown's yard a keel was laid
To arm the Royal Navy, so to gain the victory.
But it was four years after Armistice Day
When first the orders came to say
"His Majesty's ship 'Hood' will proceed and put to sea".

CHORUS: She's the queen of the Fleet,
She's the pride of the Navy,
She is the mighty 'Hood'
Bound away for the sea.

Now she steams through Frisco's Golden Gate
To a welcome fit for a Head of State
And her tower and her turrets stand like a castle on the sea.
And in dry Western towns is seen
Upon the flickering silver screen
The battle cruiser 'Hood' now in harbour from the sea.

And now she lies off Invergordon town,
Her flags in sorrow hanging down,
With her engines still and silent and her crew in mutiny -
For the burning question of the day,
The Treasury cites the Navy's pay,
But the Fleet declared false contract and refused to put to sea.

And now she's pounding for the Denmark Strait
To hold the way and bar the gate,
'Prince of Wales' on her quarter as she hunts the enemy -
And from above the lookouts cry
As out the battle-ensigns fly,
And 'Bismarck' and 'Prinz Eugen' open fire across the sea.

And still her turrets seek and turn,
Though on her decks a fire burns,
And the guns recoil and thunder, hurling shells across the sea.
From a mighty, fighting warship proud
To a broken hull with a smoke-pall shroud,
From a crew of fourteen hundred men, survivors only three.

She was queen of the Fleet,
She was pride of the Navy,
She was the mighty 'Hood'
Gone forever in the sea.