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Posted By: AnMal
01-Feb-21 - 04:04 AM
Thread Name: *All* Amer. music Afr.-Amer expression?
Subject: RE: *All* Amer. music Afr.-Amer expression?
I read the article and I don't think any of it was new or surprising - but I think it's missing part of the picture. African-American music did not just spontaneously develop into jazz and blues an rock from the different music traditions slaves brought with them, they developed in the meeting with other music traditions. Throughout history this has been true, not only in America, but everywhere - one tradition has inspired and infuenced (and occasionally forcefully taken over or pushed out) another. I kind of understand that presenting African-American music this way has its point in an American context, but I sincerely hope and believe the average European doesn't need to be told of how much African-American music traditions and musicians have contributed throughout music history. I honestly think we would need a few reminders of how traditions have interacted with and influenced eachother instead - at least those Europeans who comment on youtube folkmusic videos sometimes seem painfully ignorant of this.