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Posted By: Gibb Sahib
02-Feb-21 - 05:38 AM
Thread Name: *All* Amer. music Afr.-Amer expression?
Subject: RE: *All* Amer. music Afr.-Amer expression?
If you're imputing to someone a belief that something is "all," that should be a red flag that you're probably strawman-ing their views. It's never all, and nobody serious ever means "all." If they do mean "all," they're not serious and not, in my opinion, making a claim worth engaging.

It's probably just a headline put there by the editor, not even representing the writer, who herself is probably out of her depth and misrepresenting (to what degree is for you to decide) the people interviewed.

Getting suckered in by these headlines creates phantoms on both sides of a conversation.

African American (not African, but African American--creolized, multi-lineal) musical activities have been central among the activities of [the perceived center] of [what most people tend to know as] American music. I don't think there's anything contentious about that observation. The museum, whether you agree or not with their goal, aims to highlight that. The newspaper reduces and simplifies that in its presentation—perhaps for brevity, perhaps because it is a story for Black History Month, perhaps because CNN is left-leaning, whatever. But I wouldn't lose sleep over and storm the Capitol chasing phantoms that are imagined to be there taking extreme positions and whitewashing/blackwashing all the hybridity and mixture that normal, reasonable people know to be the nature of things.

In other words, the author is "feeling herself" a lil bit. Felt cute; might delete later.