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Posted By: Donuel
02-Feb-21 - 05:28 PM
Thread Name: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
Subject: RE: BS: Trump Actions and Effects
In the summer before the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln, Washington DC was known as the city of a thousand Stinks! Cows grazed on the White House pasture and chamber pots spilled into the streets. Dirt roads like Constitution Ave. churned the smelly rainy runoff into an applesauce of mud. The Washington canal poured an open fetid raw sewerage to 'aromatize' the entire pioneer city with an equality of stench. The mood of the country was turning muddier in November when Lincoln lost the popular vote but squeaked out a win by the electoral college. Lincoln won only by a plurality in 1861 because there were 3 candidates. The fights in the Senate Chamber preceded 1861 by a number of months. The largest Slave trading auctions in the nation took place until 1850 on what we now call the Mall. Even the statue atop the capitol was made by slaves.

Like today, back in 1861 troops were quartered in the US Capitol. Things in Washington still stink in regards to racism, institutional slavery and election results. In 1861 Fights took place on the Senate floor when a South Carolina Senator beat a fellow Senator after an anti slavery speech. A new President Lincoln faced long odds and an eventual stink of hundreds of thousands of rotting corpses in battle fields across the nation. The call of the south shall rise has never gone silent. Some of the modern attackers of the capitol last month had great grandfathers registered in the Confederate Army

In the first Civil War, the South was desperately lacking the manufacturing capabilities which spelled eventual defeat. They even had to smuggle printing plates to print money that were made in New Jersey. The lead for bullets and weapons came from England but that soon came to an end with a Blockade by the Union Navy. But today The South has oil and manufacturing factories like Mercedes and Toyota not to mention Cape Canaveral and Houston. Its no wonder a serious coup to take over America had a chance in the minds of neo-confederate sympathizers. But it was done by the gang who couldn't shoot straight – and worse than that, their 'Jefferson Davis' was a NY Yankee.

Just like the middle east Isis, the American Isis will be using Toyota and Chevy pick up trucks in their war for freedom. The Proud Boys will drive Mercedes like the Saudis.