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Posted By: GerryM
10-Feb-21 - 04:24 AM
Thread Name: Songs from the Mudcat Worldwide Singaround
Subject: RE: Mudcat Worldwide Singaround - On Zoom Mondays
Here's my list of songs/poems/stories that were sung/recited/shared, in order, at the Singaround on 8/9 February 2021. Thanks as ever to Moorley Man for filling me in on the ones that came before I joined. As usual, I made up names for Jane Nicholls' stories, "The Flood and the Family" and "Two Lads and a Foal". "God Bless the Birds" seemed like a good title for Elizabeth Block's takeoff on "God Bless the Grass". "Are You Out There" is a guess for a song Hazel Richings sang. Corrections, additions, and random wisecracks always welcome. Here you go:

Mr Rabbit, Mr Rabbit
The Green Man
The Nightingale
Lawd, How Come Me Heah
La Chanson des Vieux Amants
The Jabberwonky (poem)
Ancient (poem)
Don't Fence Me In
Yorkshire Song
Pretty Polly
Bells of Rhymney
The Wild Raparee
Roger's Courtship
Follow the Heron
Just as the Tide is/was Flowing
The Rare Ould Times
Innisvaddie Annie
The Boys of Mullachbawn
The Flowers in the Valley
Tarzan of the Apes (aka Everyone Calls Me Tarzan)
Be a Man, Joe
The Sailor's Grave
Lynn's Dream
The Cat Came Back
Fear No More the Heat o' the Sun (funeral song from Cymbeline, set to Norwegian folk ballad Heiemo og Njkkenn)
Millie's Waltz
Aura Lee [with bonus Allan Sherman parody]
Johnny Give Me
The Pitmen Poets
Seven Drunken Nights
Folk Song Army
Homeless Beaver
The Prisoner Song (aka I Wish I Had Someone, aka I Wish I Had Someone to Love Me, aka Someone to Love Me)
Springhill Mining Disaster
The Flood and the Family (story)
The Overflowing Catbox Blues
The Bonny Broom
The Barnyards of Delgaty
The Hippopotamus
Down the Mountainside
Donal Og
The Seven Wonders
Painting Box
Fair Weather Friends
I Think of You
Cape Farewell
Ye Banks and Braes
If You had a Brain You'd Be Dangerous
Political Noncooperator (poem)
Union-Busting Time in Massachusetts
Bold Doherty
The Queen of Tarts (poem)
Maybe Someday
Sally, Free and Easy
The Rich Man's House
Everything's Fine Right Now
Sammy's Bar
Shepherd O Shepherd
Harwich Ladies (TTTO Spanish Ladies, aka Brisbane Ladies, aka Augathella Station, aka The Drover, ....)
Slun├ęcko (in Czech; title means "Sun")
Crackdown Addict
I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal
Just Coorie In
An Empty Table
Poor Boy
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
The Land of Bright Gold
Two Lads and a Foal (story)
The Olive Tree
God Bless the Birds (TTTO God Bless the Grass)
Little Piece of Wang
John Henry
Buy Broom Besoms
Blind Mary (instrumental)
Magic Penny
Eight More Miles to Louisville
Are You Out There (??)
Miners Lullaby
Po' Lazarus
Strike the Bell
500 Miles
Henry the Accountant
The Final Trawl