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Posted By: GUEST,Solid Rosario
12-Feb-21 - 05:49 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Flight 641 (Lawrence Hammond)
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: Flight 641 (Lawrence Hammond)
As there is very little elsewhere on the web about LH and especially about Secorra Plarres-Montes, I offer as follows: I have previously withheld certain things about Secorra, my oldest childhood friend, because I felt that they were not mine to share. However, nearly all of the people involved have now passed. First, “Lito “ Gutierrez (mention by Ms Bennington above, and by Marte Cosette) was not Secorra’s son by birth. He was her ex-husband’s child by a different relationship. Second , because if something it is NOT my place to reveal, Secorra was unable to have children of her own, a grief that tormented her to the end, as she adored kids. Third, in another piece of the tragic circumstances of her short life, her brother, ( alluded to by Mr Prideaux above) who had been a genius-level mathematics and physics student, got involved with a troubled young lady in the UK who had a child ( Mireille,) whom she was really incapable of mothering because of her (eventually fatal) drug use, so Secorra’s brother was attempting to gain custody at the time of the terrible accident that left him brain-damaged and destroyed his mathematical career. Secorra, with great difficulty, was able to gain custody and adopt Mireille as her own child after S’s own mother ( religiously very rigid) refused to do so., and took her back to Geneva with her. When Mireille was 4 the child contracted brain fever, (meningococcemia?). Secorra rushed her to hospital but the child died in a matter of hours. Secorra never stopped grieving this lost child. The terrible irony of S herself dying of late cardiac complications from viral brain infection is like some awful clamoring jest played by a cruel universe. This site, as a music site, is perhaps an inappropriate place for such obscure biographies, but this remarkable thread seems the only one connecting all of these people, many of whom are now really seeming to fade into darkness.