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Posted By: Monique
16-Feb-21 - 11:58 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Mudcat singaround songs NOT in English
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Mudcat singaround songs NOT in English
LA CALHA (Occitan)
(O calha, bèla calha)

Oh, calha, bèla calha ont as ton nis?(x2)
Aval, dedins la prada, lo long del riu (x2)

Oh, calha, bèla calha, de qu'es bastit?(x2)
Es de borra de lèbre e de lapin (x2)

Oh, calha, bèla calha, qué i a dedins?(x2)
Dos uòus coma los autres mes pus polits(x2)

Oh, calha, bèla calha, qual te noirís?(x2)
Son tres polidas sòrres de mon país(x2)

Una me pòrta l'aiga, l'autra lo vin (x2)
L'autra la cançoneta per m'endormir (x2)
(Oh, Quail, Pretty Quail)

Oh, quail, pretty quail, where is your nest?(x2)
Down in the meadow, along the river (x2)

Oh, quail, pretty quail, what is it made of?(x2)
It's made of hare and rabbit fur(x2)

Oh, quail, pretty quail, what is there inside?(x2)
Two eggs like any other, but prettier (x2)

Oh, quail, pretty quail, who's feeding you (x2)
Three pretty sisters from my country (x2)

One brings me water, the other one, wine (x2)
The other one, a little song to lull me to sleep (x2)
This song is a bourrée dance song (the verses order is different). Here is another live rendition. Recording of a version collected by Joseph Canteloube.
You'll also find the lyrics, a translation, a sheet music and a midi file, an mp3 and embeded YouTube videos on Mama Lisa's World (self advertising).
Sometimes the nest is "pel puèch de la bastida" (on/around the farm hill).

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