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Posted By: KingBrilliant
02-Mar-01 - 04:52 AM
Thread Name: HOW do you write your songs?
Subject: RE: BS: HOW do you write your songs?
OOh I just remembered...
My dad is just coming up to 70, and has only this year started to come out and sing at pub sessions with Hamm & I.
He was happily selecting songs he knew from ages back & polishing them up - then he started to add new verses to old songs (respectfully of course) - then one evening he settled back in his chair for a snooze & was most startled to find himself writing a song!!
He has written several now & is hoping to come up with new tunes as well as the next development.
I am so proud of him & just gutted that it took him so long to get started....
His voice has improved with practice as well - its gone from an old man's voice back to the melodious well-controlled voice I remember from the few occasions that he sang at home when I was a kid.
Its never to late to start, is it?