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Posted By: Jeri
17-Feb-21 - 09:54 AM
Thread Name: BS: Thank goodness for Amazon!!
Subject: RE: BS: Thank goodness for Amazon!!
I don't answer the phone unless the call is from someone I know. I've changed the ringtones for numbers I expect might call me. I don't know if I've received any scams about Amazon. They aren't FROM Amazon.

My latest adventure was I ordered something, and they sent the wrong thing. I complained, sent it back, and they sent it again. Both times, I ordered one set #3, and they sent three wrong set #1.
I called, and they said someone would call on Monday.
Come to find out, some idiot had slapped a label for the thing I wanted over the top of the thing it was.
On Monday, they e-mailed me, telling me to leave them my number so they could call.
I was pissed off, and sent them an email. I was surprised to get one back, apologizing, and telling me to keep/give away/donate the wrong paints.
So I have three sets of the wrong paints (which are still nice), and are $40 a set, plus I ordered the correct ones from a different place. If Amazon had replaced them again, I'd still get the wrong ones, because they're mislabeled in their warehouse (or wherever they keep stuff), and they don't seem capable of fixing THAT problem.
Probably, a screw up that won't happen with anything else, but it's annoying they can't do anything about the mislabeling problem.

Now, to find homes for the two unopened sets...