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Posted By: Thompson
20-Feb-21 - 06:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Non-stop royal bollox on lunchtime news
Subject: RE: BS: Non-stop royal bollox on lunchtime news
I have, to use a wonderful American word, zilch interest in any royals, though a small bit of a smile for the Dutch and Danes who cycle around like us normals.
But I have a bit of a soft spot for yer wan Meghan. It seems to me that she rescued a lost boy who was on the high road to alcoholism and much stupid stuff, and brought him into the nearest thing his class have to a normal married life.
The nasty bitchiness of the British tabloids towards her drove them both away; they obviously have no real notion of what real work means (not surprising when the papers refer to "working" members of the British royal family), but are doing their best. It's a pity they're falling into the same trap as her late mother-in-law, in baring their souls on a television programme, but we all have to live and learn.
If the British - especially the newspapers that instruct them - had lovingly accepted a dark-skinned girl into their royal family, it would have made one hell of a difference to a country with a minority of its citizens coming from its former African, Indian and Caribbean colonies.