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Posted By: GUEST,#
20-Feb-21 - 12:48 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: L’amour avenue
Subject: RE: Chord Req: L’amour avenue

Intro is G, Gmaj7 (repeated lots)

(Ascending run from D chord)(G)Strolling (Gmaj7)down (G)l’amour (Gmaj7)avenue
(G)Looking to (Gmaj7)find my (D)someone
(C)(D7)Every time I (C)see something (D)new
(C)I know there’s (D)only (G)one of them

The second stanza uses the same chords as the first


(C)Ginny I (D)love the (G)way that you (Em)love
(C)Every(D)thing that you (G)do to me
(C)I never (D)knew I could (G)love to be in (EM)love
(C)Ginny (D)that’s what you do (G)to me

NB I have not notated the ascending/descending runs because I don't know how. Also, where I've used the D chord: sometimes it's more like a D7. That said, the D will work until you do your own variations. If I have screwed up somewhere, please accept my apologies. Best wishes with it.