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Posted By: Donuel
22-Feb-21 - 05:04 PM
Thread Name: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
Subject: RE: MOAB - Mother of All BS [annex]
My hobby is asking unusual questions. I got trapped inside the nexus of total unity a couple weeks ago and had to backtrack my way out. It all started with a simple golden mean and avogadros number musing. I asked what would the golden mean sound like as a musical chord. I discovered that many have applied avogadros number in rhythm but not in harmony. As in pi an Archimedian curve/spiral is created by prime numbers. This was related to structure in spiral galaxies as well as the spral twist in DNA. Now I am starting to get lost which is normally OK but when I started to build the golden chord of the universe the frequencies rapidly became too high so reducing their octaves was necessary. It turned out that 8 was not the ideal octave number but it was 6, 44 and so on as related by primes +1 in pi! visible math By this time I was sure I have drifted off course.

The result sounds a bit like the biggest chord in Bach's Toccota in D minor. Since the universe is tuned to a mega deep B flat I had to transpose further. To make it sound more musical I sequenced each tone of the spiral of pi go up while another sequence spirals down. The sound was so mesmerizing I decided to make a scaled down I, IV and V versions.
Now the original golden mean chord was nearly lost since I contrasted the classic chord with the sprial pi prime number of frquencies with the six scale note octave and a pulsation of sound so unique yet appealing was created. Its effect was as surprising as Lux Aeterna. So it seems others have walked this path before me. = Weeks later what has stayed with me is that Bach was onto something 400 years ago perhaps with the help of a mathmatician.