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Posted By: Ged Fox
23-Feb-21 - 11:06 AM
Thread Name: Any March Songs?
Subject: RE: Any March Songs?
A brave new Ballad of Admiral Collingwood (died 7th March 1810)
to be sung by his countrymen to the Anti-gallican
else to Humpty Dumpty or what you will.

Our country calls us all to arms,
To keep us safe from French alarms; repeat
Then let us all her voice obey-
For King and Collingwood haste away.
Haste away, haste away,
For King and Collingwood haste away.

The noblest family on the Tyne
Is scarce more famed than Collingwood’s line;
In Newcastle he first saw the day
And soon to sea did haste away

The Preston bark of noble fame
Resounded soon to Collingwood’s name
At Bunker Hill he walk’d ashore,
We’re Collingwood’s lads for ever more

The fever coast of fort San Juan
Could not harm our Northumbrian
Great Nelson’s friend e’er since that day
And his right hand in each affray.

Off Ushant under Black Dick Howe
The Barfleur fought the battle through.
We trounc’d the Frenchies where they lay
That first of June, that Glorious day

At Cape St Vincent brave Sir John
Gain’d victory against the Don
Such a fight we had on Valentine’s Day
We made the Spaniards haste away

At Trafalgar first in the fray,
And last to leave at end of day.
Santyana sail’d in bright array
‘Til Cuddie claw’d her stern away.

Lord Collingwood of high renown
Lived once in famous Morpeth town
Now in St Paul’s his corpse doth lay
By Nelson’s ’til the Judgement Day!

JSMF 2005

Thanks Ged Fox,another song on the same topic is "Cuddy" , a modern song written about Collingwood by Pete Wood which is to be found at the Collingwood Society website


He was born in Newcastle-on-Tyne
Soon sailed on a ship of the line
With Roddam and Braithwaite he learnt his trade
Northumbrians all they were made
Preston and Portland his ships in the west
Fighting the French and the rest,
He was made lieutenant at Bunker Hill
And Geordies remember him still

Cuddy’s the boy for me
Yes Cuddy’s the man at sea
Fighting the French where’er they be
Cuddy’s the boy for me

At the glorious first of June
Barfleur had sails in full tune
Flag Captain Collingwood fought with renown
But Bowyer and Howe took the crown
At St Vincent the Spanish came on
He took two of their ships in the van
He dismasted the greatest vessel they had
Santissima Trinidad

Whilst Nelson went chasing the French east and west
Cuthbert kept watch on the rest
Keeping the Spanish from putting to sea
For month after month on his lee.
The enemy fleets they made way
Two columns were formed on that day
The weather with Nelson in Vict-or-
But Collingwood led with the lee

So swift was the brave Collingwood
That he was the first to taste blood
The Sovereign fired the very first shot,
And withstood the Spanish onslaught
Then after Nelson was gone,
Cuddy the battle had won
The prizes were lost, as the storm did rage
But he saved the fleet of the age

After Trafalgar he ailed
Ne’er again to England he sailed
They made him a Lord and a medal of gold
But “We need you at sea” he was told
Yes was a son of the Tyne
Was buried with Nelson his friend of renown
But for Geordies he takes the crown

© Pete Wood 2010.


There is another song , an older ballad about Collingwood called Trafalgar's Battle
Roud Number:V20191 and the lyrics can be seen here
Has anyone found on-line recordings of any of these Collingwood songs because I have not?