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Posted By: Felipa
24-Feb-21 - 11:07 AM
Thread Name: ballad - she pushes him into the river
Subject: RE: ballad - she pushes him into the river
Sandman - if you look at the thread I gave a link to, the False Knight discussed there is one who promises to marry a woman, who then goes off with him, only to find that his intention is to rob her and kill her.
selected segment(from memory; I sing this one):

I'll take off my silken gown if you turn your back on me
For I do think it a very great wrong a naked woman to view

He turned around, his back to her, and faced yon willow tree
with all of the strength that this poor maiden had
She pushed him into the sea

And as he rose, and as he sank
and as he rose, cried he
give me your hand my pretty pretty Polly
My bride forever you'll bee

Lie there lie there, you false young man
Lie there instead of me
It's six pretty maids you have drownd-ed here
go keep them all good company

it does strain my credulity that the dastardly character would have been genteel when asked to respect the woman's modesty!