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Posted By: keberoxu
28-Feb-21 - 08:30 PM
Thread Name: BS: 2021: MBF households and friends
Subject: BS: 2021: MBF households and friends
This is worth a try, even if it doesn't succeed.

Some of us Mudcat members, albeit not all of us,
share our households and our lives with MBF .
There have been failed attempts in the past
to have a thread, similar to a "Mudcats have Cats"/"Cats" thread,
for those of us
for whom life without MBF is not complete.

But when the thread title contains the "d" word,
it seems to bring out the "d" haters amongst Mudcat members
and in no time the thread has been trashed beyond recovery.

Can't we have peace amongst the Mudcatters
a thread for the, ahem, fanciers of the canine companion?

Me, my accommodations permit neither C-A-T nor M-B-F,
but both animals are near and dear to my heart.

And regardless of what transpires,
any opinions on what M-B-F stands for
could at least be good for a few laughs.