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Posted By: Joe Offer
10-Mar-21 - 03:31 PM
Thread Name: Tech: Mudcat SEARCH engine tips-try the Filter
Subject: RE: A suggestion for the 'filter' box
I thought I'd refresh this thread to encourage folks to use the Filter if they want to find things by thread name. Put a pertinent word or phrase in the filter box, set the age back (I usually set it to "all"), and click the Refresh button. You can do a secondary search of the results by using [CTRL-F]. The Filter is our fastest and easiest search engine.

Also note the QuickLinks dropdown menu on most Mudcat pages. It has a link called Old Adv. Forum Search, which is kind of a misleading title. It is a toolbox of almost ALL of our search tools. You can search by the name of the poster, the title of the message or thread, and the text of the message.

Our grey search box is a very good tool, but it depends on an index that must be generated. It doesn't get generated very often because that's a big job - so the search doesn't show messages posted within the last year or two or more.