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Posted By: GerryM
12-Mar-21 - 10:21 PM
Thread Name: Songs from the Mudcat Worldwide Singaround
Subject: RE: Songs from the Mudcat Worldwide Singaround
I came to the singaround of 8/9 March 2021 late and left early, so I owe even greater thanks to others than usual. Moorley Man & Mrrzy, independently, supplied me with the performances from before my joining, and Joe sent me the chat transcript so I could reconstruct what happened after I left. Here's the list of songs, poems, and tunes – corrections eagerly solicited.

In the Jailhouse Now
The Dutch in the Medway
Captain Wedderburn's Courtship
Jolly Wagoner
Les Djinnes (poem)
Planxty Irwin (tune)
Jamie Allen (tune)
Mon Amie la Rose (in French)
Willie 'ole Lad
The Yellow Bittern
Making Babies by Steam
Keemo Kimo (aka Sing Song Kitty)
The Duke's Late Glorious Success Over the Dutch
Cab, Cab, Cab
A Dialogue Between a Believer and his Soul
King Henry
The Reaper's Revenge
Rosie the Riveter
Hard Times of Old England
Lovely Nancy
Burning Gold
Boomer Johnson
We Don't Need the Men
The Quilting Party (aka Seeing Nellie Home)
Go Tell Aunt Rhody
This World Goes 'round and 'round
The Lasses O' Bonnie Dundee
Female Drummer
Drover's Boy
Darling Nellie Gray
March of the Women
Believe Me, if All Those Endearing Young Charms
We Were There
The Tryphina's Extra Hand
The Curragh of Kildare (aka The Irish Lovers)
Sandgate Dandling Song
The Winter with His Grisly Storms
Liverpool Lullaby
Short Jacket and White Trousers
Whup Jamboree
Blackleg Miner
Maid on the Shore
The Last Battle
People Say Strange Things
Mothers Teach Your Sons
Memories of Maxine (poem?)
Time to Thank the Women
Killing the Blues
Housewife's Lament
MacCrimmon's Lament
All the Way Home
Rosa's Lovely Daughters
Harriet Tubman
Bread and Roses
Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain
Idris Strike Song
Streets of Five-i-o
Poverty Knock
Little Red Hen
John Golden and the Lawrence Strike
Maid of Fyvie
Northwest Passage
February March
Oh, Didn't He Ramble
Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout Would Not Take The Garbage Out
Rebecca Who Slammed Doors For Fun And Perished Miserably