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Posted By: Steve Shaw
13-Mar-21 - 07:08 AM
Thread Name: BS: The other recipe thread is too long
Subject: RE: BS: The other recipe thread is too long
I'm doing a risotto tonight. For two of us, very generous portions, I use 300g risotto rice (I have carnaroli). I need about 700 ml stock, which will be half home-made chicken stock and half the water from boiling the veg I'm going to include. So I'll start by boiling some tenderstem, some peas and some green beans, a handful of each, in unsalted water, keeping that water and setting the cooked veg aside.

I'll dry-fry 100 g of chopped pancetta until nearly crispy in my smaller Le Creuset casserole. To that I'll add some thinly sliced onion and a bit of butter if there's not quite enough fat. I want the onion soft but not coloured. Then I'll add some fresh thyme and the rice, stirring to coat the grains with fat. Then in goes a small glass of white wine. I'll turn up the heat to get that bubbling, and then...

...And then I cheat shamelessly. I'll add 600 ml of my hot stock all at once, stir it in, get it to a simmer then put the lid on and forget it for 15 minutes.

The next step is crucial. I'll remove the lid and stir and beat the rice like a lunatic for about three minutes. This gets it nice and creamy, as though I hadn't cheated at all. It also very reliable in getting the rice perfectly al dente every time, not the easiest thing with risottos. And it means I get to sit down for 15 minutes, preferably with an aperitif (come on, it's Saturday), instead of standing over the stove adding bits of stock and stirring until my arm nearly drops off.

In goes some seasoning and the reserved veg to heat through. Then in go a big dollop of creme fraiche (butter if you like), two big handfuls of grated Parmesan and a good sprinkling of fresh parsley (or not, Maggie). If it's all a bit too stiff add a bit more hot stock.

It can sit for a few minutes while you pour out the vino, then ladle into bowls and eat it in front of the telly. Good living!