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Posted By: robomatic
18-Mar-21 - 07:05 PM
Thread Name: Federal, State & local prosecution of Donald Trump
Subject: RE: Federal, State & local prosecution of Donald Trump
FRESH AIR master (and National Treasure) Terry Gross just interviewed New Yorker writer Jane Mayer on her article in 22 March issue.

Terry Gross interviews New Yorker writer Jane Mayer

Some interesting items therein. The article is on the New Yorker's website called: "Can Cyrus Vance, Jr., Nail Trump?"

Apparently Trump learned from his legal ninja master Roy Cohn not to leave fingerprints. He has no personal email account and apparently does not give direct traceable 'kill' orders (like a proper mafia don or Russian President). And his most accurate observer, his former lawyer Michael Cohen, has issues about his previous testimony, but can accurately describe Trump's methods and motives.

My takeaway was that Trump and his kin may eventually face some convictions. Those who know him say Trump will leave the country rather than do time. (Now I feel like Donuel, saying stuff I don't really know - time to go shovel some snow!)