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Posted By: Mr Red
21-Mar-21 - 05:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: new eruption in Iceland
Subject: RE: BS: new eruption in Iceland
No volumetrics? I want to know how many blue whalesworth of lava have solidified.

I watched a video of a volcano in Asia about a week ago and now the Youtoob algorithm (which is allegedly switched off for me) keeps offering eruption stuff. So much so, one could think there is a surge in activity globally.

But then I have seen respected scientific opinion that as the world warms, we will see more seismic activity. If only from "re-bound" (do your research).

Yea, Yea, 1.5ºC and isn't going to affect anything, much. But Gaia will do what it will do. And chaos theory, if it says anything to us, tells us that complex systems, that are too big for our small brains, don't need much change here to result in big changes over there.