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Posted By: Bill D
21-Mar-21 - 11:22 AM
Thread Name: Loudest singers
Subject: RE: Loudest singers
From: JennyO - PM
Date: 18 Feb 05 - 08:35 PM

She mentioned Danny Spooner:
About 10 years ago, he visited here and stayed with me a couple of days. We took him to a pub that featured a Sea Songs night. It was an odd room, long front to back with a ceiling beam running across it the short way in the center. The host singer took a spot against the wall in the center under the beam. The usual practice was for those who were not near the center to come up near that spot so as to be heard more easily. (Those who were not singing and only there for drink & chat usually stayed near the entrance & front window
    Danny & I were a bit late, and only got seats on a bench against the back wall. When the option to sing came to the back, I told Danny that he ought to move closer to that center spot.
   He didn't reply or bother... he just leaned forward a little and opened his mouth... and people in that front window stopped what they were doing and looked to see where that VOICE was coming from!
It was one of the few times I ever saw the entire room shut up and pay attention to the singer. During the short break, the shanty bunch made a pilgrimage to out table to meet Danny... and data was exchanged.

'Twas a special occasion....