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Thread Name: Any March Songs?
Subject: RE: Any March Songs?

Here are the Pogues singing "In eighteen hundred and forty six on March the eighteenth day”
Greenland Whale Fisheries - The Pogues

Judy Collins sang that it was in 1863

Kimbers Men also set it in March ”In 1844 on March the 18th day”
Kimber's Men - Greenland Whale Fisheries

And The Dubliners also sing ”In 1844 on March the 18th day”
The Greenland White Fisheries · The Dubliners

And “ In 1846, on March 18th day”
Ger Loughlin - Greenland Whale Fisheries

"It was eighteen hundred and thirty four,on March the thirteenth day”
The Greenland Whale Fishery · A. L. Lloyd

Lucy Stewart sang a version of “ The Greenland Whale Fisheries” entitled IN THE YEAR OF EIGHTEEN HUNDED AND FORTY AND FIVE
Her first verse is
Oh, the year of eighteen hundred an’ forty five,
And in March the twentieth day
When oor gallant tars an anchors weigh
To Greenland we bore away

(From “Up Yon Wide and Lonely Glen: Travellers' Songs, Stories and Tunes of the Fetterangus Stewarts” by Elizabeth Stewart and Alison McMorland )