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Posted By: Steve Shaw
25-Mar-21 - 07:38 PM
Thread Name: BS: Football (not the U.S. kind)
Subject: RE: BS: Football (not the U.S. kind)
Raheem Sterling is not "of African origin." He was born in Jamaica and moved to this country when he was five. His nationality is British. He has explained the tattoo as having a deeper meaning for him than as a symbol of violence, in connection with the murder of his father when Raheem was two years old. After a very disturbed childhood, and several relatively minor glitches in behaviour since, he has become a superb footballer and a prominent fighter against racism. He contributed a large sum of money to help the survivors of the Grenfell fire. He has more than made good after a very difficult start in life and that's something we can applaud.

You made an inaccurate assertion about a young black man's origin and you picked on one fairly small feature to cast him in a negative light. So you said very little about Raheem Sterling but you spoke volumes about the flaws in your own character. We have a word for people who choose to highlight cherrypicked "negative" attributes of black people in order to demonise them. I'll stop there.