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Posted By: skarpi
30-Mar-21 - 04:21 PM
Thread Name: BS: new eruption in Iceland
Subject: RE: BS: new eruption in Iceland
Right , DaveRo , just for the record Hekla is NOT the biggest volcano in Iceland , the biggest one in Iceland is Öræfajökull ( Öræfa Glacier witch is in the Vatnajökull Glacier ) here is a map :Katla is bigger than Hekla , and all though this lava eruption is small , we should remember what Laki eruption did to the world in the 1793 , so we could have a problem here in Iceland , why well , Hekla and Katla is on time about to erupt , along with the Biggest one witch started to meld the ice on it two years ago , and also there is another volcano in Vatnajökull glacier witch erupts more than others , if those mountain start , then all flight ´s are off. we have this thread along with Covid and all that follows . If Öræfa jökull volcano starts ,it will wipe out all life in 20 km radius I heard said , if thats right then god help us . well there are about 20 thousand people witch has watch the lavaeruption , some of them has hurt them self and that eruption is not over could go on for month´s , as Icelander I am used to earthquakes and eruption s , I fled VestmannIsland eruption in 1973 , it started only 900 mtr from our house , we lost everything so I know how it is to loose every thing . please take care of you self and you r family , all the best from Iceland . on this site you can watch our earthquakes and eruptions

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