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Posted By: Barbara
08-Oct-98 - 11:46 PM
Thread Name: Lyr ADD: Messing About on the River
Subject: RE: messing about on the river
Pete, if you look carefully at my post, you'll see I didn't say Wal and THE DOG were from Oz, just that I thought those folks might be able to lay hands on some of the literature, what you can't do here, stateside, as far as I can tell.
Actually, true confession time, I originally had "Aussies or Kiwis" in the post, and I cut it because I couldn't remember if NZers called themselves that, or if it was Australian slang and possibly derrogatory. And I couldn't remember if we had any of you on the list.
Guess I know now, hmmmm? ...grovel, grovel..
We actually live on a farm with a border collie who looks quite a bit like THE DOG only ours is named; named Oreo, actually which probably tells you something about his markings. ('course as Murray shows, lots of dogs look like THE DOG) So, e me and we'll work something out. I have two early FRF books, and no more. A compilation would be wonderful.
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