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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
03-Apr-21 - 12:06 PM
Thread Name: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021
Subject: RE: De-clutter & Fitness in a Pandemic: 2021

Time does fly by. I have been totally focused on A.getting a vaccine; Finding out from the paper that friends had already gotten it here in Bancroft, I phoned and got some particulars then drove to the Legion and got a phone number from the man keeping order, went to the car and phoned; After interminable messages, I got a woman whom I could not understand at all; she put me back on hold - more of the same %^&*( messages! - and Finally a wonderful woman who listened, spoke clearly and changed my appointment from the place an hour away to the place 5 minutes away! I thanked her profusely on the verge of happy tears. My energy level is so incredibly iffy that a two hour trip would mean two hours of not getting work done on the pottery and I really want to get this lot done so I can get back to Quebec and R. So B is:

Some days I can work for two hours, rest a couple and do two more. Other days, after a really busy day, I am totally unable to do anything but read, rest, possibly go to a store five minutes away. This is me at 84. I just tell myself to get used to it. But keep on trying!

A few days ago, I went to the grocery and there were too many cars so I went to M&M and bought two packets of family sized meals: cabbage rolls and canneloni. I cooked both - turning on the oven, might as well. They were actually good and a nice change from veggies and chicken. Never would I have spent the time/energy to make them.

I also noticed as I left M&M, a new tiny restaurant, so stopped to see what it was about. "Watts Cookin" had frozen meals and a take-out menu so I bought frozen Swedish meatballs and came home happy with it all. Supporting local businesses is terrifically important up in the boonies. And the new lockdown has begun. Fortunately I found 4 more books at the thrift shop the other day!

Yesterday at 6 pm, I was elated that everything I deemed necessary had been thrown! Today, I am waiting for the energy to fix a minor thing in the kiln, then glaze and fill the kiln and watch it carefully for correct firing. And trim yesterdays pots so they can dry for firing in a few days.

I never dreamed when I went to Toronto for the fresh clay that I would be so long getting things done but there have been at least two total do-nothing days and several days when I cannot get going until noon or so. Like today (11:30)!

The ground has thawed enough to pull some grass out of beds, on sunny days. From today on it will be mostly above freezing! Daffies are up a few inches. It would be nice if they bloom before I leave! No sign of life in the large mock orange; hope!

I finally "met" on FB my #2 son's new significant other. She posted a bunch of wonderful pics of him from his Birthday (1 April). To see him looking ever so happy is the greatest gift. He is still in the throes of divesting himself of 30 years of basically emotional abuse by the mother of his children. She started the relationship and he could not figure out how to end it; I raised him to be too darned nice! I hope this lasts and I can be assured that both my sons are happy.

A beautiful day out there and a bit above freezing. I cannot push myself; will wait until the body decides to get up and get at it.

I am bemused by Alexa! I feel lucky to have electricity! When a friend messaged this morning about a power outage up the road, I started thinking about how to keep pots from freezing! But we are OK here. I think we refer to those things on the stove/cooker/range as burners regardless; I have had to think about it!

In addition to the dearth of energy and some difficulty with numbers and simple math - cannot subtract! - I lose words. Imaging holding an object in your hand and trying to think what to name it. Go away and come back to write down "funnel"! The trick is not to try, but let it go until it surfaces.