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Posted By: GUEST,Rick Pollay
05-Apr-21 - 04:16 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Tarpaulin Jacket
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Tarpaulin Jacket
Gai; Huntington, Folk Songs -f Martha\s Vineyard (Folkways 1957) had a fragment with lyrics quite different than sub by Burl Ives. The fragment has been restored with some verses from the original and is now sung by me as below.

Tarpaulin Jacket (Wrap Me Up In My …)
cf. Rosin the Beau (trad) popular in early 19th C and, predating Fiddler’s Green (1960)

Slow ¾ time
1. As a New Bedford sailor was dying,
And as on his deathbed he lay,
His friends gathered ‘round him were sighing,
To them these last words he did say:
        Wrap me up in me tarpaulin jacket
        No more to the docks will I go
        Let six stalwart sailors come carry me
        With steps mournful, solemn and slow.

2. I've survived on the ocean of this world
But now to another I'll go
I pray that dry quarters await me
Up above … and not down below
3. I didn’t do much to get to heaven
Still I don’t want to go down below
Oh ain’t there some place in between them
That a poor drinking sailor can go.
4. For the six stalwarts who will carry me
I’ve one last request to bestow
Pray give them a bottle of rum, Sir
To drink when they’ve laid me below.
        NO CHORUS
5. And then in the calm of the twilight
When the soft winds are whispering low
and the darkening shadows are falling,
Give a thought to this sailor laid low, my mates.
Give a thought to this sailor laid low,