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Thread Name: Lyr/Chord Req: Leaves in the Wind
Subject: RE: Lyr/Chord Req: Leaves in the Wind ANSWERED
"Subject: RE: Lyr/Chord Req: Leaves in the Wind
Date: 08 Jan 19 - 08:44 PM

could you please send me the chords to leaves in the wind ty,i love this song."

The lyrics and chords are located in the post just before yours.


Leaves In The Wind Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords
Leaves in the wind By Johnny McEvoy. 4/4/ timing.

The chords were worked out by Marc. This song was also covered by singer / songwriter Isla Grant [ lyrics ] .

[D]Old Rosie Atkinson live all alone
In her [A]house at the end of our [D]street
She wears an old hat with a long silver pin
And [A]faded blue shoes on her [D]feet
And a [A]long flowery dress that [D]must have looked nice
On the [A]day her love marched a[D]way
To fight in the war- to end all the wars
In a [A]cold land so [A7]far, far a[D]way

[G]Rosie, he’s gone now, he’s [D]not coming home now
[A]Like all those lonely young [D]men
The [G]fathers and brothers, the [D]sons and the lovers
They’ve [E]fallen like leaves in the [A]wind

Now the [D]war has long passed, he never returned
The [A]years have now faded her [D]eyes
But the love in her heart is as warm and as strong
As it [A]was when he made her his [D]bride.
[A]In Flanders’ fields where [D]red poppies grow
From the [A]hearts of many young [D]men
There sleeps Rosie’s lover of long, long ago
She [A]never did [A7]see him a[D]gain


Now [D]old Rosie Atkinson lives all alone
In her [A]house at the end of our [D]street
And the children make fun of her long flowery dress
And the [A]faded blue shoes on her [D]feet
Thought they [A]laugh and the jibe at her [D]funny old ways
She [A]seems not to hear, not to [D]see
She just dreams of the love she was never to know
And the [A]times that were [A7]never to [D]be

[A]Leaves in the [D]wind
Repeat Intro