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Posted By: YorkshireYankee
08-Apr-21 - 10:09 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Songs of the Yorkshire Yankee
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Songs of the Yorkshire Yankee
Hi leeneia! That's odd, as I've just copy-pasted the link and it works when I do that. (It also works when my husband tries it.) It is a link to a post in the Mudcat group on fb, so if you don't do fb, maybe that's why? Anyway, if you PM me your @ddress, I'd be happy to send you an mp3.

Steve, I've thought of something I've written that might qualify as a Yorkshire song... inspired by the Sheffield flooding of 2007. Only problem is that it's a parody – of John Tams' wonderful Rolling Home. He is aware of it, thanks to a friend of mine who sent it to him (without telling me) and has given me his blessing – verbally, though not in writing, so he may or may not remember doing so at this point. But it's not entirely original, so may not truly qualify...

Rowing Home
with apologies to John Tams
new words ©July 2007 Vikki Appleton Fielden

There goes the River Don, luv,
Just watch it bloody rise
There’s a place we go to sleep each night,
Waits on the other side
There’ll be p’lice & mud aplenty,
And Skodas in the foam
As we go rowing home,
As we go rowing home

Rowing home, as we go rowing home,
When we go rowing, rowing,
As we go rowing home.

From Meadowhall to Brightside,
The helicopters roar
The river tops The Wicker,
And tide’s in down Shalesmoor
There are no trams or buses,
Or taxis we can phone
So we’ll go rowing home,
We will go rowing home


They kicked us out of Fatcat*,
Although the beer weren’t gone
They said it were not safe no more,
Though we had us wellies on
So it’s a little damp, miluv
There’s still no need to moan
As long as tap still flows,
We won’t be rowing home


The rain is on my hedgerow...
So is the River Don
And now I can go fishing
Where once I mowed the lawn
So Walkley’s lost their power
I’ve lost me garden gnome!
I hope it’s rowing home,
I hope it’s rowing home


So Summer’s brought us flooding
Now winter drought has passed
If this i’n’t global warming,
George Bush can kiss my... knee
If we don’t pull together,
We’ll reap what we have sown
As we go rowing home,
As we go rowing home


*If singing for people who don't know Sheffield, substitute "pub, lads" for "Fatcat".